Welcome to the Total Body Bar Fitness Program!

Included in this program are the following tools to help you maximize your results with the Total Body Bar:

  • How to assemble your Total Body Bar
  • Adjusting Resistance: Learn how to add and remove the resistance bands
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos with Coach Ron instructing you on Proper Form & Technique for each exercise to keep you safe and maximize your results.
  • Workouts with your Total Body Bar

When you are ready to take it to the next level, we have fat loss and body sculpting programs that include nutrition plans, workout plans, and mindset training. These programs will take you step by step to your desired goal and teach you how to maintain what you achieve. Just click on the ON-LINE TRAINING Tab and TRAINING PROGRAMS at the top of the Home Screen of this website.

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Thank you for choosing the Total Body Bar as a tool to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!  By using this revolutionary machine and sticking with the workouts, combined with a healthy nutrition plan, you will lose excess body fat and sculpt & tone your entire body. 

God bless you!


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