Lost / Damaged Packages Policy

Our goal at Your Champion Body is to fulfill your order and get the products in your hands as soon as possible.

Your Champion Body is not responsible for any delivery that is lost as a result of incorrect shipping information provided by you.


  • If products are returned to us after being delivered to an incorrect address, they can be resent to your correct address and $13.50 cost of the redelivery will be charged to you.
  • If the package is delivered to an incorrect address and never recovered, we can resend the order to your correct address. If this is what you request, the restocking fee of $43.50 will be charged to you.

If an incorrect order is sent or a delivery error is made because of a website error or an error at our warehouse, the order will be rectified immediately and will be sent at no additional cost to you.  The incorrect order must be returned to Iron Chest Master, we will provide a prepaid return label to you. If these products are not returned the cost of the products will be charged to you.


If a package is LOST in SHIPPING here are the steps that we will walk through together.


  • Wait 4 days from the date the carrier shows the package has been delivered to you. From time to time, we occasionally see situations where carriers say the package is delivered and it actually arrives up to 4 days later.
  • Customer – talk to anyone else you live with, sometimes someone else has brought the package in to the home.
  • Customer – check with your neighbors to make sure that the carrier did not accidentally deliver next door or across the street.
  • If after walking through the above steps and waiting the allotted time the package is not received or found, we will reship your order for no additional cost to you.

If a package is DAMAGED in SHIPPING here are the steps that we will walk through together.


  • Occasionally a package is delivered where the box is open or damaged. Most of the time, the products and all contents are in the box and have not been damaged.
    • Always accept the package from the carrier.
    • Open the box and inspect the contents.
    • If an ITEM IS MISSING, contact us immediately via email at support@yourchampionbody.com
      • Include a photo of what has been included in the package and let us know what is missing.
      • We will ship the missing items at no cost to you.
    • If the PRODUCT IS DAMAGED, contact us immediately via email at support@yourchampionbody.com
      • Include a photo of the damaged box.
      • Include a photo of the damage to the product/s.
      • We will work with you to repair or replace the damaged product/s.
        • This may include sending you replacement parts to repair the product/s.
        • This may include exchanging the product/s.

We always strive for mutually fair arrangements in the unlikely event of Lost or Damaged packages, so please walk through the steps and work with us.



Unless otherwise noted, Your Champion Body will use its best efforts to ship products within a reasonable time after receipt of your properly completed order. Although Your Champion Body may provide delivery or shipment timeframes or dates, you understand that those are good-faith estimates and may be subject to change. You further understand that product availability may be limited, and particular products may not be available for immediate delivery, in which case the products will be delivered when they become available. At times shipment may be delayed due to circumstances that are beyond our control, such as acts of God, manufacturing delays, etc.  Your Champion Body shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, or expense related to any delay in shipment or delivery.