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The Max Muscle program is designed to build muscle and increase strength naturally. The only way to increase muscle is to send your body the appropriate signals. Coach Ron has taken his decades of training to create this unique program designed to give you the Max Muscle you’ve always dreamed of.

$14.99 / Month

$179.88 billed every 12 months*

$24.99 / Month

$149.94 billed every 6 months*

$97 / One Time

90 Day Access*
Do You Have a Burning Desire to Take Your Body to the Next Level,
but Struggle with Building Muscle?
If so, then the MAX MUSCLE PROGRAM is for YOU!

The ONLY Way to Build Muscle is to Send

The ONLY way to increase muscle is to send your body the appropriate signals. Coach Ron has taken his decades of Champion Training and Coaching experience and used that knowledge to create this program designed to give you the growth you’ve always dreamed of with his unique and effective WINNING FORMULA!

Workout Signals

(Body Sculpting System)

Coach Ron will walk you through proper form and technique, and will teach you the true meaning of putting your mind in the muscle and concentrating on the KEY focal points of each muscle so that you maximize each rep and set to achieve explosive muscle growth. When you combine the appropriate signals with the appropriate action, there are no boundaries to the muscle you can build!

Daily Exercise Plan with Specific Weights, Sets, and Reps
Workout Log to Keep You On Track
Access to the Max Muscle Champion Body Website: The Toolbox for Your Success
Complete Video Exercise Tutorial: Learning the KEY Focal Points

Nutrition Signals

(Energy System)

The Max Muscle Nutrition Plan is step-by-step guidance to help you get strong, muscular, and massive. This easy to follow meal plan provides the guidance needed to get the most out of your muscle building efforts. By applying the principles of Coach Ron’s Energy Systems, you will learn the proper combinations, quantities, and quality of fuel to achieve incredible results!

Max Muscle Meal Plans & Menus
21-Day Jump Start Detoxifying Nutrition Plan with Daily Coaching
Max Muscle Phase 2: Energy System Nutrition Plan and Weekly Guidance
Recipes to Add Variety and Keep You on Track


The foundation of building your body does not start with physical exercise or even nutrition. The core and foundation of your development begins in your mind.  There is a cliché  that is very true — “As a man thinketh, so is he.”  In order to look like a Champion, you must first think like a Champion. Champion Mindset principles will be transferred to you through Ron’s Mindset Coaching!

21-Day Jump Start: Daily Audio, Video, Webinar or Encouragement for the first 21 Days
After the First 21-Days: Weekly Webinars, Videos, or Audio Mindset Trainings
Weekly Encouragements & Reminders to Keep You on Track


“From fat to fit and competing”

- Ginger T.

“On my way to the Pro's!”

- Tywaun W.

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