Lose fat, gain muscle, add defintion, & develop a healthy lifestyle!

RW Total Body Bar Program includes:

  • Instructions on how to assemble and adjust your RW Total Body Bar for your current fitness and strength level
  • Proper Form & Technique Videos for more than 30 unique exercises to keep you safe and maximize your results 
  • COMING SOON Workouts with Coach Ron Williams
  • 20% Discount on Ron Williams Champion Programs


the only way to lose excess body fat is To send your body fat shedding signals

Whether you are working towards finally achieving your goal weight or getting back into the lean physique you once had, the RW Total Body Bar combined with the RW Total Body Bar Training will give you the tools you need to achieve the body you desire. Using this one machine, you can send the appropriate fat shedding signals to strengthen, build, shape, & tone your body in the privacy of your own home, at the gym, at the office, or as you travel around the world! 

The RW Total Body Bar Training will teach you dozens of safe, effective, and efficient exercises you can use to target specific areas, or use to workout your entire body to achieve your goals.

Fat Loss Signals = Fat Loss Results!

RW Total Body Bar Training

Will teach you how to maximize the usage and results that you experience with your RW Total Body Bar. 

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