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Fat burning Nutrition, effective Workouts,
& coaching guidance TO help you RAPIDLY

The Fat Shedding program is a healthy, efficient, all-natural fat loss program designed to decrease excess body fat and keep it off long-term. You may not believe this, but the truth is that you have what it takes to get rid of the excess body fat: you just need to send your body the appropriate signals.

$14.99 / Month

$179.88 billed every 12 months*

$24.99 / Month

$149.94 billed every 6 months*

$97 / One Time

90 Day Access*
Are you overweight or obese and don’t know where to turn? Are you tired of losing weight then putting it all back on and then some?
If so, then the FAT SHEDDING PROGRAM is for YOU!


“I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the body you want by giving you the tools, and teaching you the proper signals to shape and tone your body, while shedding the excess body fat.”         

– Coach Ron

Nutrition Signals

(Energy System)

The body you desire is already inside of you; it just needs to be uncovered and chiseled so it can be seen. No doubt you have tried other diets that left you hungry, constantly counting calories, and still with excess body fat. In contrast, Coach Ron has specifically designed the Fat Shedding Nutrition Plan to properly fuel your system so you will lose the excess body fat. He will teach you the WHY behind what you are eating so this becomes a lifestyle and you never have to diet again!

Fat Shedding Meal Plans and Menus
21-Day Jump Start Detoxifying Nutrition Plan with Daily Coaching
Fat Shedding Phase 2: Body Sculpting Nutrition Plan and Weekly Guidance

Workout Signals

(Body Sculpting System)

One of the keys to long-term fat loss is the ability to workout at home. Coach Ron has developed both home and gym workouts that send the appropriate signals for fat loss. When you combine cardio with resistance training you maximize your time spent working out, so you get the combined benefit of burning fat while shaping and toning Your Champion Body!

Fat Shedding Customized Daily Home and Gym Exercise Options & Workout Log
Tools and Training to Measure Your Progress
Access to the Fat Shedding Champion Body Website: The Toolbox for Your Success
Form & Technique Videos to Maximize Your Results and Keep You Safe

Mindset Training

(Mind Makeover)

In order to shape, tone, and contour your body we must begin by building the foundation, but the foundation doesn’t start with physical exercise or even nutrition. The core and foundation of your development begins in your mind. By transforming your thought process you will create a new mindset to help you achieve your Fat Shedding goals and maintain the body you desire long-term.

21-Day Jump Start: Daily Audio, Video, or Webinar Coaching for the first 21 Days
After the First 21-Days: Weekly Webinars, Videos, or Audio Mindset Trainings
Weekly Encouragements & Reminders to Keep You on Track



“I took 5 inches OFF of my waist and added 5 inches ON my chest."

- Nicholas R.


"Not just surviving, but thriving!"

- Lora B.


“I lost 130 Pounds!”

- Brian K.

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