Fat Shedding Phase 2: Overview
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Fat Shedding Phase 2: Exercise Overview (Body Sculpting System)
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Safety Instructions for Training

Parameters to Keep Your Workout Safe & Effective

Following these basic principles during your workout sessions will help you safely achieve maximum results:

  1. Warm-up and stretch properly before each training session.
  2. Don’t allow yourself to rest between repetitions.
  3. Take the proper rest periods between sets.
  4. Contract the muscle prior to starting each repetition.
  5. Exhale during the initial movement of the repetition (or the positive phase).
  6. Never sacrifice form and technique for increased resistance.
  7. When an exercise requires you to stand, make sure your knees are slightly bent – maintaining good posture.
  8. Avoid jerky (or ballistic) movements, stay consistent and controlled.

Warm Up, Stretch, & Cool Down


The term warm-up is very fitting for what is needed prior to stretching and exercise. Muscles, like rubber bands, are more apt to tear when they are cold. A pre-exercise warm-up session will heat the muscles, so they can stretch more easily.

You need to warm-up prior to exercise in order to prevent injury. 60% of all injuries derived from physical training happen within the first 10 minutes of exercise.


Stretch for a few minutes before you begin your exercise routine to prepare your body for a successful workout. Muscular flexibility is an essential part of overall health and quality of life. Many joint, muscle, and skeletal problems are the result of poor flexibility. Flexibility is important for good posture, and also contributes greatly to preventing injuries. The efficiency, performance, and energy of a muscle is directly related to its flexibility.

You can use the time during stretching to meditate on having an enjoyable and effective workout. You can also visualize using proper form and technique, as you focus on each movement throughout your training session.


After you complete your workout, cool-down to minimize soreness. The cool-down process will also enhance recovery from your workout.

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