Please completely read and follow the safety instructions before using your Iron Chest Master®. Make sure everyone who uses the Iron Chest Master also reads this safety information. Have a safe and enjoyable workout! 

Please consult with your doctor before you start using this equipment. Certain training programs and types of exercise equipment may not be suitable for everyone. This is particularly important to those individuals over 40, pregnant women, and individuals with existing health problems. If you take medication which affects your heart rate, you must seek medical advice from your doctor.

1. This product meets the safety standards as outlined in the European Standards EN 957-1, Class H-Home use only Section 5. 

2. Use this equipment only for the purpose intended and described in the user instructions. Do not alter the machine and only use the accessories which have been recommended by Iron Chest Master.

3. This MACHINE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.  In order to avoid injuries, keep this machine and all accessories out of the reach of children.

4. Carefully inspect the equipment prior to every use.  Never work with the machine if it’s not functioning properly or if it is damaged. 

5. Ensure that sufficient free space is available surrounding the machine.  Make sure that children, and pets are kept away from the machine during use.  

6. Check and make sure that the adjustment plate is secured prior to use.

7. Always choose the proper intensity level that best suits your current level of fitness.  Know your personal limits and train within them.  Use common sense when exercising.

8. Review proper usage of the machine prior to using your Iron Chest Master®.  

9. Properly warm-up prior to using the Iron Chest Master.

10. If the user experiences dizziness, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, STOP the workout immediately and CONSULT A PHYSICIAN. 

11. To avoid serious injury, NEVER place any part of your body (ESPECIALLY FINGERS) between or near any of the moving parts. Do not use while in the presence of children.

12. If you have long hair tie it up to avoid getting caught in the trolley or any of the moving parts on this machine. 

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