Ultimate Definition Phase 2: Overview
Continue Measuring Your Success
Ultimate Definiton Phase 2: Nutrition Plan (Energy System)
Ultimate Definition Phase 2: Exercise Overview (Body Sculpting System)
Option #1: Gym Workout Program
Option #2: Home Workout Resistance Program
Monday - Daily Coaching
Tuesday - Daily Coaching
Wednesday - Daily Coaching
Thursday - Daily Coaching
Friday - Daily Coaching
Saturday - Daily Coaching
Sunday - Daily Coaching

Option #2: Home Workout Resistance Training: Back & Biceps

  • Home Workout: Back & Biceps
  • 0 to 30 Minutes of High Intensity Cardio depending on your needs – refer to Phase 2 Nutrition & Exercise Overview Video.

#1 - Home Workout: Back & Biceps

  • Watch the Form & Technique Video for each exercise and perform each exercise as trained.
  • Keep track of your progress on the Home Workout Log.

#2 - 0 to 30 Minutes of High Intensity Cardio

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