Getting Prepared: Day 1 & Day 2
Measure Your Success
21-Day Jump Start: Nutrition Plan
21-Day Jump Start: Daily Coaching
21-Day Jump Start: Exercise Plan Options
Option #1: Gym Workout Program Overview
Option #1: Chest - Shoulders - Triceps Gym Workout (Day 1 and Day 4)
Option #1: Back & Biceps Gym Workout (Day 2 and Day 5)
Option #1: Lower Body - Legs & Gluts Gym Workout (Day 3 and Day 6)
Option #2: Home Workout Resistance Program

Before During & After Photo Instructions

If done properly losing fat is a gradual lasting process. Losing a pound or two of excess body fat in a week’s time is quite substantial, but not very noticeable to a person who is hard on themselves. By taking accurate pictures you will have a true visual measurement of your progress.

Below are some guidelines to follow when taking before, during, and after pictures.

  1. Take all pictures in the same place.
  2. Take pictures in lighting that will reveal details, and make sure the lighting is the same each time. The lighting will cause the pictures to vary somewhat as far as seeing fat, definition, or cellulite.
  3. Take all pictures from the same distance. It’s best to mark the spot.
  4. If possible, take all the pictures with the same or similar clothes on.
  5. If possible, take all the pictures with the same camera. 
  6. Relax during all picture-taking sessions. Let your arms fall at your sides naturally. Don’t hold your stomach in, holding your stomach in may give you a better appearance, but it will distort the reality of your true progress in the next set of pictures.
  7. Take pictures the first and last day of the 21-Day Jump Start and then again, every 21 days.

 Take at least six pictures each time: one of the front, one of your back, and one of each side, and two close-ups of the areas that you most desire to improve.

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